Here’s a comic about one of my favorite types of crime. Mostly because Twelve yells at me if I don’t do anything.

Oh yeah

Stolen blatantly from a here.

Still milking his injury,



How to Dance for Your Meal


I’ve been in this business awhile so let me tell you something right here and now. There are no handouts in life. People aren’t just going to give you the keys to their Porsche and let you take it off some really sweet jumps. No, they’re going to want some sort of good or service before they let you try to jump those buses. Odds are, since you are reading this, you have neither of those things. That’s where you’re are wrong my friend! You have the one gift, bestowed by Jesus and Van Damme, that cures all wounds and pays all bills. I am, of course, talking about the gift of the dance. Continue reading

The Boys Are Lazy

Lazy Boys

Here it is, Wednesday night and I’m in the Drago staffroom… alone. What’s an uncommonly beautiful and delightfully witty girl to do when my weekly column doesn’t come out until Friday? Well I certainly can’t wait for the guys. These days they’ve become a tad unreliable… even for them.

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Going to the doctor


Before I begin, I think I should explain some things…  Continue reading

I Bet You’re Wondering…


… what happened yesterday. We brag about being “The Most Trustworthy Site On The Interweb™” but yet two of our most prolific and devout posters, xPostFacto and myself, were unable to post anything for your literary pleasure. Well I’m not gonna shrug the responsibility, and I’m not gonna lie to you, but seriously…

… it was all xPostFacto’s fault.

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My Failed TV Shows

Mr. Peanut

This television industry is a fickle bitch goddess. Today’s treasure is tomorrow’s trash. Pictured above is a poster for the prematurely canceled  show “Mr. Peanut Goes to War” which bravely recreated the Spanish-American War from the perceptive of an anthropomorphic peanut. Yes truly some TV shows are cut down before their prime. I myself am no stranger to canceled TV shows having starred on no less than 84 canceled programs in my professional career. In today’s post I will highlight a few of my favorites. Now keep in mind, my failed TV shows are like my children. I love them all. Being excluded from this list in no way means I am any more or less ashamed of my involvement with them. Continue reading

The Smarmy Albatross


We now return to another excerpt from XPostFacto’s 7 part epic The Smarmy Albatross.

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