An Author’s Broken Heart…


I understand that the subject of this piece may sound bitter, and off-putting, and I assure you, that is intentional. Why do I seem to be so heart broken? The weather is nice outside. It’s Friday! Well, please allow me to tell you why I’m so upset, through the power of Grammy Award Nominated* Album cover art!

[*Note: For the sake of ease, I’ll be focusing only on winners, because lists of the winners are much easier to find.]

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I Bet You’re Wondering…


… what happened yesterday. We brag about being “The Most Trustworthy Site On The Interwebâ„¢” but yet two of our most prolific and devout posters, xPostFacto and myself, were unable to post anything for your literary pleasure. Well I’m not gonna shrug the responsibility, and I’m not gonna lie to you, but seriously…

… it was all xPostFacto’s fault.

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How to: Write Your First Pulitzer Prize Winning Article

Pulitzer Prize

“The page is blank. At first. I sat with my hands, ever so slightly, draped across the keyboard. Hesitant. Short sentences. The tip of the cigarette burns. I’m not a smoker. Not normally. Not usually. But today, I lit one up. I’m not ashamed, because the only reason I did it was to mention it in this article. To create an image. A writer’s image…

Now, more than ever, it was 1994.”

What does any of the above mean to you? If you said nothing, then you’re already halfway to winning your first Pulitzer.

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