My Failed TV Shows

Mr. Peanut

This television industry is a fickle bitch goddess. Today’s treasure is tomorrow’s trash. Pictured above is a poster for the prematurely canceled  show “Mr. Peanut Goes to War” which bravely recreated the Spanish-American War from the perceptive of an anthropomorphic peanut. Yes truly some TV shows are cut down before their prime. I myself am no stranger to canceled TV shows having starred on no less than 84 canceled programs in my professional career. In today’s post I will highlight a few of my favorites. Now keep in mind, my failed TV shows are like my children. I love them all. Being excluded from this list in no way means I am any more or less ashamed of my involvement with them. Continue reading


6 TV Characters I Never Thought Would Be Younger Than Me (2 of 2)

Welcome back! I won’t waste your time, because I know all of you have been anxiously awaiting the final three TV characters that I can’t believe I’m older than. Let’s jump right in with number 3.

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6 TV Characters I Never Thought Would Be Younger Than Me (1 of 2)

Here I am. Approaching my mid-twenties, and sure, I’m content with my life’s current direction. But entering the real world has forced me to accept failure on numerous childhood dreams of my past. No one will discover that I’m a child prodigy, hand me a guitar which I’ll master by 11-years-old, and rush me through college by 16. The government will never call upon me and my boyhood imagination to fight off a band of German terrorists who inexplicably have kidnapped my parents. I’ll never be left home alone, other than when people just don’t call me back on Friday night.

All of these things, and more, I’ve learned to accept being too old for. But for some reason, I am unable to wrap my head around the fact that certain television characters from my youth now claim to be significantly younger than me.

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