Science Reveals!: “Is Sleep Overrated?”


New theories on sleep deprivation may significantly alter the world’s perception on common sleeping habits.

(Crandon, Missouri) Let it never be said that scientists are merely Earth-clutching, goggle wearing, lab lovers, because a breakthrough study in sleep dynamics has possibly revealed shocking new evidence in favor of insomniacs everywhere!

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How to: Write Your First Pulitzer Prize Winning Article

Pulitzer Prize

“The page is blank. At first. I sat with my hands, ever so slightly, draped across the keyboard. Hesitant. Short sentences. The tip of the cigarette burns. I’m not a smoker. Not normally. Not usually. But today, I lit one up. I’m not ashamed, because the only reason I did it was to mention it in this article. To create an image. A writer’s image…

Now, more than ever, it was 1994.”

What does any of the above mean to you? If you said nothing, then you’re already halfway to winning your first Pulitzer.

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Best Science Fair Projects

 Science Fair 

Well, it’s August 13 again which can only mean one thing…..SCIENCE FAIR SEASON! If you’re anything like me, and thanks to the homogenization of America you are, every moment of your life is dedicated to science and fairs relating to science. The best thing about Science fairs as opposed to say regular fairs is the swift and brutal competition. While your average fair brings happiness and cotton candy, the science fair brings only blood sweat and tears. In a few scant weeks, students everywhere will start competing for that coveted Blue Ribbon, the highest accolade that any mortal man can achieve. We here at The Drago Effect have compiled a list of the top Science Fair projects to watch out for this year. Hopefully this will help separate the 1st place champions from those who are just Honorable Mention. Continue reading

Robots As Pets OR Why My Neighbors Think They Are Better Than Me

Do you know who Robert Williams is? He is the first person in the history of mankind to be killed by a robot. Since then there have been several factory workers who have been killed by a robot. They are the lucky ones.

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