The Box Office Insider Presents: R is for Rockin’

 Wild West HottiesWild West HottiesWild West Hotties 2

Rarely does such a serendipitously violent weekend come along. In fact, this weekend at the movies promises to be so enjoyable that I’ve been stunned into writer’s block.  All this Box Office Insider can say is: even though the numbers won’t reflect it, this is going to be a very good weekend. So catch the bus, ask your mom for a ride or (if you’re one of those little punks loitering outside my office) tumble in on your skateboard… just get yourself to the theater.

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Penguins Seek World Domination, Fla-Vor-Ice

Penguins survey the landscape

Though rumors have circulated for years, the first concrete evidence that penguins are in fact attempting to take over the world was leaked from a top secret CIA report early this morning. According to the document, which the Drago newsroom has obtained through less than legal-but not quite reprehensible means, penguins are united in the dream to rule the world, create a crisp wintry climate year round and eat all our Fla-Vor-Ice, the muti-colored freezer bars popular with children.

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The Box Office Insider Presents: More Kicks Than A Rockettes Reunion Tour


Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the theater, this weekend will do nothing but kick you out again… and I mean that… literally. We’ve got boxers fighting for a second chance, cranked cops fighting the bad guys, a semi-mute Englishman on a rampage through the French Rivera and that’s only 3 of the 5 wide releases this weekend. It looks like things could get scrappy, but never fear, the Box Office Insider is here to help you bob and weave and get you through the weekend without too many bruises.

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The Box Office Insider Presents: A Weekend to Barely Remember


The Drago Effect would like to extend a warm welcome to special guest correspondent The Box Office Insider. As the softer side of the Drago staff she is known for her ability to bring an air of sophistication and class to everything around her and is often referred to as “the brain behind the brawn” and “the pretty one.” Without further ado The Box Office Insider brings you showbiz by the numbers… Continue reading

What If – The Drago Effect: The Movie

A lot of people have been asking The Drago Effect staff if we’ve ever dabbled in other entertainment mediums, and as it stands, the answer is “No”. Although we have been in talks with NBC to write and produce a “pirate sitcom”, yet no timbers have officially been shivered. Regardless, if we WERE to produce feature length (non-text based) projects, they’d probably begin like this:

Bourne Came Home… Accepted Job as Janitor

Bourne Wins!

Congratulations everyone. Thanks to your Damon-love, The Bourne Ultimatum managed to eek out $70 million this weekend. Completely blowing industry predictions of 9 dollars and 73 cents out of the water.

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Reviews for Stuff I Haven’t Seen Yet… The Bourne Ultimatum

In what will hopefully become a reoccurring piece (pending executive approval), I bring you the first edition of “Reviews for Stuff I Haven’t Seen Yet”. This week’s film is the third, and supposedly last, in the blockbuster Jason Bourne franchise.

The Bourne Ultimatum

Having seen the previous two films, I was pretty excited to get on board with Bourne just one more time. Identity and Supremacy were both pretty decent action movies, in my opinion, so I felt ready for whatever director Paul Greengrass was going to throw at me this time.

Boy was I in for a surprise…

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