America’s First Trustworthy Swindler

HazmatBorn in 1866, Darvishim Hazmat was a noteworthy entrepreneur during the late 19th century. He is most closely associated with his ambitious attempt to move, famous New York City road, Broadway, nine and a half blocks South to it’s current position near Times Square.

Hazmat has been the inspiration for numerous films such as: “Bullets Over Broadway”(1994), “Aviator Shorty”(1937), and “SuperBabies: Baby Geniuses 2” (2004). Despite his acclaim, Hazmat is often over looked by history, and his memory has become nothing more than camp fire fodder, and a nightmare-inducing bed time story. The reason for this is closely tied to his enigmatic persona, which left many questions about his life unanswered… until now…

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Babies Are Smarter/Dumber Than You Think

Cool Baby

I’ll give them credit. Most of them are cute (if not a little bit on the pudgy side). But the public perception that they are harmless, I’m sorry to inform you, is WAY off. I don’t question where the idea that babies only seek to feed, crawl and sleep, came from, because, trust me, they certainly do, love all of those things, but there are other things that babies love too. Stuff you don’t hear about all the time. Stuff babies, don’t like to talk about.

Lucky for all of you, I’m wise to their schemes, which is why I went under cover to cast some light on their story, from one of their own (literally, I had to meet this kid in a fort she made out of blankets and stuffed animals).

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Whatever Happened to…

… the animatronic band from ShowBiz?

ShowBiz Pizza

Well, I’ve got the scoop, right here…

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About Riggz

The tale of Riggz is a long a twisted journey. But to truly understand Riggz one must truly understand XPostFacto. XPostFacto was born posthumously, which was very difficult for both of his parents, as they were very adamant against viewing time through anything but a linear perspective. After a rough childhood, that lasted many singles of years, XPostFacto left his home and proceded to ride the rails in search of America.

Instead, he found Riggz. Riggz at the time was dancing for shekels in the Israeli district of Chapel Hill and was looking for a partner with whom to perform the Reverse Tungsteen Mambo, the deadliest dance known to Israelis. Being a classically trained shekel dancer, XPostFacto agreed on the condition they form a website together based on a fictional Soviet boxer.

And thus, the Drago Effect was born.

You might have read about it. It made the local papers. Anyway, here we are. I can’t gurantee it’ll be a smooth ride, or even that we have any idea where we’re going. But hey, it might be fun.


We’ve Finally Made It

Well after only 24 hours ours in existence this website has already become hugely successful. I know! I’m just as surprised as you are, but a reader (we have readers?!) just sent me this photograph, that HAS to be real.


Pretty impressive. Thanks again, reader, for bringing this to our attention. And hopefully no one else checks the IMDb Hit list today.

About Me…

The tale of Riggz is a long a twisted journey. Like a trip down Mulholland Drive, or a visit to a water park. I don’t want to dwell on anything, but I’m a pretty big deal. I think to really, truly, understand who I am, you have to understand what I is.

Very few people realize that many ancient languages do not distinguish between the capitalized “I” and “J”. Food for thought. But more importantly, I think it really sets the pace for my position in life.

‘Dragon hunting’, thought to be a lost art, but now, finding renewed vigor in the 21st Century. I remember growing up, hearing about countrysides filled with Sean Connery voiced dragons, but I always felt like these were fairy tales. The stories of which dreams are made of. It was on my 20th birthday, that the first dragon resurfaced, and staked his claim on our world. After a brief stint with world domination, Christian Bale, famed actor/crime fighter, put an end to what was known as the 2nd Dragon Era. Now, thanks to the imagination of a prepubescent boy, and his supportive parents (who probably wrote the shit, anyway), we have been blessed with dragons anew.

But I digress, before I get too off topic…

What it all comes down to, is that I’m the kind of person who doesn’t want to get a raise, because he thinks it’s funnier to shout, “Wow, I got a raise”, while opening his check in front of co-workers. Only to have them angrily question why they haven’t received raises, as well.

We Must Break You!

Welcome to The Drago Effect’s new, temporary home. Two writers and a dream. So begins the comical breeding and storage of ideas for what we hope to eventually become the Red Curtain Comedy Tour. So sit back, pray that our boredom yields humor, and enjoy.