The Boys Are Lazy

Lazy Boys

Here it is, Wednesday night and I’m in the Drago staffroom… alone. What’s an uncommonly beautiful and delightfully witty girl to do when my weekly column doesn’t come out until Friday? Well I certainly can’t wait for the guys. These days they’ve become a tad unreliable… even for them.

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Going to the doctor


Before I begin, I think I should explain some things…  Continue reading

America’s First Trustworthy Swindler

HazmatBorn in 1866, Darvishim Hazmat was a noteworthy entrepreneur during the late 19th century. He is most closely associated with his ambitious attempt to move, famous New York City road, Broadway, nine and a half blocks South to it’s current position near Times Square.

Hazmat has been the inspiration for numerous films such as: “Bullets Over Broadway”(1994), “Aviator Shorty”(1937), and “SuperBabies: Baby Geniuses 2” (2004). Despite his acclaim, Hazmat is often over looked by history, and his memory has become nothing more than camp fire fodder, and a nightmare-inducing bed time story. The reason for this is closely tied to his enigmatic persona, which left many questions about his life unanswered… until now…

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My hands are broken

Due to my excessive rocking out my hands are cramped and I can’t type today (This is all being done with my thumbs). So as to not leave you high and dry I decided to post this autographed picture of my niece with Dracula. Hopefully that will tide you over till tomorrow. Why he addressed it to George and signed it Bubbles will be one of the mysteries that will plague me for the rest of my life.