We’re Back, Baby! (Not Really…)

Burning with the vigor of a Russian boxer...

Congratulations everyone! The termite problem that has plagued our offices for the passed year and a half is finally gone. This means we can get back to work as usual.  We really appreciate you sticking it out with us.  Unfortunately, our email server went down around August, and so we weren’t able to reply to or even read, what was no doubt a cavalcade of emails wondering what had happened.

In this industry (the internet) things happen so fast, and believe us when we say that if we had known we were going to get a termite infestation, we would have told you.  Regardless, it happened, it’s behind us and we’re ready to start anew!

We’ve had a number of projects in the pipeline, hoping to make a big spash upon our return, so you’ll find that over the course of the next couple weeks some big and exciting things will be premiered right here on the site. Without spoiling anything, let me just say that Drago is going two-point-oh!!  Brand new articles, a very special Drago-Effect podcast, completely revamped Banana page, and even some hilarious videos!

It’s going to be great, and we can’t wait to show it all to you!

Oh, and if you never hear from us again, it means they found more termites.


The Boys Are Lazy

Lazy Boys

Here it is, Wednesday night and I’m in the Drago staffroom… alone. What’s an uncommonly beautiful and delightfully witty girl to do when my weekly column doesn’t come out until Friday? Well I certainly can’t wait for the guys. These days they’ve become a tad unreliable… even for them.

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An Author’s Broken Heart…


I understand that the subject of this piece may sound bitter, and off-putting, and I assure you, that is intentional. Why do I seem to be so heart broken? The weather is nice outside. It’s Friday! Well, please allow me to tell you why I’m so upset, through the power of Grammy Award Nominated* Album cover art!

[*Note: For the sake of ease, I’ll be focusing only on winners, because lists of the winners are much easier to find.]

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I Bet You’re Wondering…


… what happened yesterday. We brag about being “The Most Trustworthy Site On The Interweb™” but yet two of our most prolific and devout posters, xPostFacto and myself, were unable to post anything for your literary pleasure. Well I’m not gonna shrug the responsibility, and I’m not gonna lie to you, but seriously…

… it was all xPostFacto’s fault.

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What If – The Drago Effect: The Movie

A lot of people have been asking The Drago Effect staff if we’ve ever dabbled in other entertainment mediums, and as it stands, the answer is “No”. Although we have been in talks with NBC to write and produce a “pirate sitcom”, yet no timbers have officially been shivered. Regardless, if we WERE to produce feature length (non-text based) projects, they’d probably begin like this:

6 TV Characters I Never Thought Would Be Younger Than Me (1 of 2)

Here I am. Approaching my mid-twenties, and sure, I’m content with my life’s current direction. But entering the real world has forced me to accept failure on numerous childhood dreams of my past. No one will discover that I’m a child prodigy, hand me a guitar which I’ll master by 11-years-old, and rush me through college by 16. The government will never call upon me and my boyhood imagination to fight off a band of German terrorists who inexplicably have kidnapped my parents. I’ll never be left home alone, other than when people just don’t call me back on Friday night.

All of these things, and more, I’ve learned to accept being too old for. But for some reason, I am unable to wrap my head around the fact that certain television characters from my youth now claim to be significantly younger than me.

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About Riggz

The tale of Riggz is a long a twisted journey. But to truly understand Riggz one must truly understand XPostFacto. XPostFacto was born posthumously, which was very difficult for both of his parents, as they were very adamant against viewing time through anything but a linear perspective. After a rough childhood, that lasted many singles of years, XPostFacto left his home and proceded to ride the rails in search of America.

Instead, he found Riggz. Riggz at the time was dancing for shekels in the Israeli district of Chapel Hill and was looking for a partner with whom to perform the Reverse Tungsteen Mambo, the deadliest dance known to Israelis. Being a classically trained shekel dancer, XPostFacto agreed on the condition they form a website together based on a fictional Soviet boxer.

And thus, the Drago Effect was born.

You might have read about it. It made the local papers. Anyway, here we are. I can’t gurantee it’ll be a smooth ride, or even that we have any idea where we’re going. But hey, it might be fun.